Lady Light

"Cutting-edge futuristic entertainment"

lady Light was the best "bang for our buck performance" we’ve hired all year.  We had clients looking for a cutting edge futuristic entertainment option and when we saw Lady Light's video on Facebook, we immediately reached out to book her.  She’s the consummate professional.  She communicated with us clearly and in a timely manner during the planning process, she was on time and very flexible with load in, she and her team were helpful and patient during our last minute time changes and her performance was incredible.  She is a delightful person and went out of her way to add our client’s logo to her costume.  She can even create a client logo in the lasers.  The performance is one that I have raved about to other clients who are looking to book the act.  I can’t wait to bring her back to New Orleans.  Until then I will be telling my clients and event professional friends in the industry what a joy and great experience it has been to work with her.

Gwendolyn Productions, New Orleans, LA


“When asked to describe the Lady Light performance, the first words that come to mind are spell-blinding...

Ms. Hamilton’s performance represents untold hours of dedicated rehearsal to achieve the level of perfection

demonstrated at each performance and I still don’t know how she does it!  Her unique use of laser beams is

so entertaining that we can watch it over and over.  Keep up the good work, Lady Light!”

Tom Harman, President LaserNet

"Unique, unusual"

"Based in Las Vegas, NV, for the past 42 years, my theatrical agency, SANDY DOBRITCH ENTERPRISES, has been and continues to provide first class live entertainment for casinos, theme parks, television, motion pictures, special events and other venues world wide. I have produced my own circuses for three years. I have seen acts and shows in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and Mexico.


On December 30, 2015, I saw an incredible show called Furia which was conceived, created and produced by Las Vegan veteran Producer, Fernando Quevedo. The show was a 21st century version of Cirque du Soleil. The show had outstanding production value and outstanding acts. But there was one type of act I have never seen before that literally blew not only me away but the entire audience (2500 people). The act was one of the  most unique, innovative and entertaining acts I had ever seen. It was created and performed by Ms. Kelly Hamilton. It was a laser act. What Ms. Hamilton did with lasers was eye popping. It was extremely unusual, first time I had ever seen anything like it and very well choreographed to the futuristic music.


I would highly recommend Ms. Hamilton's laser act to anyone who is looking to present something really unique, unusual and memorable."

Sandy Dobritch


Sandy Dobritch Entertprises

"A crowd favorite"

"We were looking for a truly show-stopping act and Lady Light's combination of technology and performance was perfect for the show. Her act was always a crowd favorite."

Fernando Quevedo


Q Productions Las Vegas, Inc.


"I watched Furia last night and thought your act was AMAZING. ... you put traditional light shows to shame."

A. Lee

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Lady Light
Lady Light